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5 Common Hair Mistakes You Might Be Making

Have you ever found yourself frustrated with your hair, no matter how many products you throw at it? Tangles, breakage, and dullness still persist, leaving you scratching your head – literally! Fear not, because our Westboro hair stylists are here to uncover 5 common mistakes people make with their hair and offer up solutions to keep those strands in top-notch shape! 

Mistake #1 - Skipping the Pre-Wash Brush Session 

It's a tale as old as time, especially for those with longer locks – skipping the pre-wash brush! Tackling tangles post-wash is no fun and can lead to unnecessary hair stretching and breakage. Give your hair a thorough brush before hopping into the shower. A wet brush can be a game-changer for minimal pulling and breakage. Trust us, your hair will thank you for the TLC! Need a wet brush? Talk to one of our experts for a personalized recommendation! 

Mistake #2 - Forgetting the Daily Heat Protectant 

Just like you slap on SPF to shield your skin from harmful rays, your hair needs protection too! Heat protectant isn't just for styling tools – it's your hair's very own sunscreen, shielding it from both heat styling and those sneaky UV rays. So, make it a habit to incorporate heat protectant into your daily routine. It’s a must for Ottawa hair all through the year. Your hair will be strong and healthy, just like you intended! 

Mistake #3 - Overwashing Woes 

Listen up, folks – washing your hair every single day is a big no-no! Even if you're battling oily strands, give those washes a breather whenever possible. Overwashing strips your hair of essential oils, leading to an oil production frenzy on your scalp. It's a vicious cycle! Enter dry shampoo – your hair's new BFF. Spritz some on to extend those washes and give your hair some well-deserved downtime. 

Mistake #4 - Neglecting the Scalp 

Your scalp deserves some love too! It's the foundation of healthy hair, yet it often gets overlooked. Regularly cleanse your scalp to remove buildup from oils and styling products. A clean scalp equals happy follicles, and happy follicles equal strong strands! Don't forget to give your scalp a good scrub during washes to boost blood flow and promote hair growth. It's like a mini spa day for your scalp! 

Mistake #5 - Tight Style Struggles 

We get it – a sleek ponytail or bun is a go-to look, but too much of a good thing can spell trouble for your hair. Tight styles put stress on your strands and scalp, leading to breakage and even hair loss. Here's how to combat the damage: 

  • Give your hair a breather. Let it loose between tight styles to relax those stressed-out follicles. 

  • Opt for claw clips or scrunchies instead of elastic bands to minimize pulling. 

  • Mix up your hairstyles to avoid stressing the same areas repeatedly. 

  • Treat your hair to some extra TLC with masks and leave-in products to fortify it against the strain. 

Remember, your hair deserves to be treated like the crown it is! So, say goodbye to those hair mishaps and hello to luscious, healthy locks with these simple fixes. Your hair will thank you – and so will we! 


For any hair-related questions, don't hesitate to ask our Westboro hair stylists during your next salon visit. Follow us on social media, and explore our services and pricing on our website at  


The Hair Stylist Specialists at Pierino Scarfo Hair Salon in Westboro, Ottawa. 


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