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Starting at the Source: Scalp Care 101

Embark on a journey to discover the key to healthy, vibrant hair that starts right at the source—your scalp. Often overlooked, the scalp is an extension of your face and deserves the same care and attention as your skin. Join us in this blog post as your Westboro hair experts delve into the world of scalp health, addressing common concerns and providing tips on nurturing your scalp for stronger, more beautiful hair. Because the scalp is where the foundation of your hair care routine begins. 



The skin on your scalp is very similar to the skin on the rest of your body, with two major differences: density and oil production. The skin on your scalp is comprised of 5 layers of tissue whereas the skin on the rest of your body only has 3. The reason for the extra density is because it must house thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of hair follicles, but also because the scalp serves as a protective barrier against physical trauma and infection for the skull.  


Healthy scalp skin looks how you’d expect healthy skin on the rest of your body to look. If there are signs of irritation like inflammation or redness, or scaly, flaking dry skin, there is likely an issue with the health of your scalp. Most of these issues can be easily solved with proper cleansing or at home care products but like with any other skin issue, if the problem persists, it’s important to see a dermatologist.  


Similarly to the skin on the rest of your body, your scalp requires regular maintenance. It is important to regularly clean and remove debris, oil, and product build up, as well as to moisturize it and keep it well hydrated. Any signs of scalp issues may require specific care, and we're here to guide you through it. 





Dryness often results from insufficient natural oil to keep it moisturized.  This can be influenced by factors such as cold/dry weather, over-washing which strips natural oils, dehydration, or genetic predisposition. Whatever the cause is, there are a few ways to combat dryness that leads to itchiness and flakiness: 

- Reduce hair washing frequency to restore natural oils. 

- Opt for a gentle, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. 

- Use warm water instead of hot water for washing. 

- Introduce a humidifier to your home environment. 

- Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated 

 - Invest in a hydrating scalp moisturizer. We love the Kerastase Scalp Care Symbiose line 



Everyone’s hair follicles produce varied amount of oil and some hair types struggle with the appearance of greasy hair after only a short period of time. We’ve got a few recommendations on how to work with an oily scalp: 

  • Shampoo more frequently and avoid using clarifying shampoos too often. Mix in a gentle shampoo every second wash as overusing clarifying shampoo may cause your hair follicles to overproduce sebum to overcompensate. Come talk to your favorite Westboro hair stylist at Pierino Scarfo salon for a personalized recommendation that’s best for you 

  • Try using shampoos with ingredients like tea tree oil or salicylic acid  

  • Use a scalp scrub to remove buildup that can accumulate on an oily scalp.  

  • Rinse hair with cold water to close the hair follicles after washing and conditioning  



Contrary to popular belief, dandruff and dry scalp are not the same. Dandruff happens when the skin cells on the scalp shed at an abnormally high rate while follicles over produce oil which then leads to a buildup of a yeast like fungus. As dandruff is an actual scalp condition, we always recommend seeing a doctor or dermatologist to determine a plan of action moving forward. However, mild cases of dandruff can be relieved and treated using high quality products at home. Here’s a few simple tips to follow to help with dandruff: 

  • Find shampoos that contain selenium sulfide, zinc, or ketoconazole as they have anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties which will help reduce the flake causing bacteria growth on your scalp  

  • Massage products into the scalp and allow them to sit for some time to act instead of rinsing immediately  

  • Avoid styling products that cause buildup while using dandruff treatment products 


Ask one of our Westboro hair stylist specialists about which products are best for treating mild dandruff at home at your next salon visit! 



There are fewer things more stressful than unexpectedly losing hair or becoming thinner in certain areas. Although there are literally countless reasons for hair thinning, there are a few things you can do to actively prevent or lessen hair loss. 

  • Don’t wear your hair in tight, tied back styles all the time. When you do this often, the pulling on the scalp causes tension which leads to inflammation and hair loss 

  • Stimulate blood flow and circulation by massaging products into the scalp for an extended amount of time or by using a scalp brush  

  • Deeply cleanse and moisturize your scalp regularly. When oil, product, and debris build up on the scalps surface, it can be difficult for hair strands to penetrate through. Treat your scalp with the same love and attention as you do your face, you’ll notice a huge difference in how it feels and how your hair looks.  

  • Brush your hair gently and always brush before washing. You lose a ton of hair from manual breakage and being aware while brushing and styling will help prevent unnecessary hair loss.  




Don't overlook the foundation of healthy hair—your scalp!  We hope this article has given you some insight as to why it’s important to take care it.  We challenge you to integrate scalp care into your routine for healthy, shiny, strong, beautiful hair. Our hair care experts are ready to answer your questions and guide you toward a happy, healthy scalp. Experience the difference at the best hair salon in Westboro, Pierino Scarfo Salon! 


If you have any questions about your hair, make sure to ask away at your next salon visit with our Westboro hair stylists and until then, you can catch us on social media and/or check out all our services and pricing on our website at 



The Hair Stylist Specialists at the best salon in Ottawa, Pierino Scarfo Hair Salon in Westboro 




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